Do Apple Launch Events Push Up the Share Price?

Nobody launches a product quite like Apple. They don’t just launch products, they create events around them. The rumors pile up for months, the press waits for tickets to attend the big unveiling, and customers download hour-long presentations at home. The company has gained fame from announcing surprise items and ensuring that what they share is “magical”.

Of course, Apple is a business. In fact, they are a very profitable business. The employees may be driven to make great products, but shareholders are out to make profits. You can find plenty of news about impressive revenue these products have driven, but does just the announcement of a new product bring a boost to share prices?

This following data viz seeks to answer that very question. Dive in to analyze nearly three decades of product launches. In an attempt to isolate the impact of each event, a comparison is provided of the adjusted closing price before and after the event.

In addition, the second tab includes an event-focused view. This may help reveal which launch dates were the most impactful. It may also offer clues as to why certain products are connected with surprising gains (perhaps the newest Apple TV wasn’t the primary driver of the share price this Spring).

What do you see?

Posted on April 25, 2012 .