Quick Review: REWORK

front cover

I’m not one for long reviews, so I will keep this simple. 

A great deal has been said about REWORK. It is a collection of frank essays that may cause you to rethink how you work. I found many of the authors’ points to ring true. Key messages throughout the book include “keep it simple” and “get things done”. Like the topics of many books, these seem simple but are not always easy to put into practice. We often create a large group to work through a project through a long series of meetings, rather than let a small team work out a simpler solution. When workloads rise, we quickly move to expand teams, rather than prioritize. I know that issue all too well. 

I really enjoyed REWORK. I like reading books that are broken down into small segments. Smaller segments give me the option to read for shorter periods of time, as well as allow myself to think about where insights can be applied in my daily work. This book may be focused on small businesses, but those of us in larger work environments have a lot to gain from these pages. Simply put, I wish I worked with more people who subscribed to the thoughts of this book. 


Posted on June 30, 2010 .