Where Eight Glasses a Day isn’t an Option

We take plenty of things for granted. When our Fall allergies kick in, we get medication. If our smartphone breaks, we feel lost until it is replaced. Of course, most of our mothers have been telling us this for decades.We simply forget how fortunate we are to have the things we use every day.

The interactive data visualization below describes something we use every day: clean water. Think about how much water you use each day. How many glasses do you drink each day? Unfortunately, not everyone has access to clean water. You may have heard about places without access to clean water before, but some of the numbers may surprise you.

Take a look around. Dive into the map to see what countries are being left behind of their neighbors. Adjust the filter to see where less than 50% of the population has access to safe water. Then look at the list of countries to see just how bad things are in Ethiopia.

I know that this isn’t the most uplifting stuff, but you can do something about it. Visit charity: water to learn how you can help donate and raise money for those in need. Hopefully you’ve already heard of charity: water, as they do an excellent job. 100% of donations go to the people who need it.

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If you can spare a few bucks, head over to charity: water and donate toward their special campaign to buy a drill for Ethiopia. You can also set up your own project and find ways to raise money. If times are tough for you, forward on a link to this page or to charity: water. Thanks for visiting and supporting a truly great cause.