Side Projects

I continue to be thoroughly impressed with friends and colleagues of mine who pursue side projects. Most of us don’t have one singular passion, so I’m always excited to see people following more than one path. Also, I’m really happy for friends who are pushing through daily work that they don’t quite love, while spending their “free time” on the work that truly makes them happy. From those who just help out a friend with their website, to those that research new investments, to those who create art and travel across the country to promote it, to those who have very successful local bands.

Maybe these peoples side projects will take off, maybe they’ll stay just where they are. The point is, these people are getting off their couches and making a way for themselves. Not only that, these are usually people that do a great job at everything they put their mind to. In many cases, I’m not sure what they classify as their “side project”.

Posted on June 4, 2011 .