Did you make the top ten today?

Isn’t it amazing how ESPN can fit an entire day’s worth of sports into an hour? The effort of hundreds of athletes can somehow be boiled down to a few highlights. Unfortunately, our work is often viewed in the same way. 

Think for a moment about the last few sales meetings, conference calls, or one-on-one conversations you have experienced. What sticks out to you? What key moments come to mind? We tend to focus on on the extraordinary (what interests us). This means that we remember the time a sales guy had his demo crash three times, the unimportant issue a boss fixated on, or the time a coworker snapped under pressure. Hopefully, you can also think of the consultant who made that great suggestion, the unexpected recognition from your manager, or the time your team excelled in a tough situation.

These “highlights” can make the difference for you. Your actions may be enough to make a client forget about a few slip-ups, or they can make someone lose sight of how great your product is. By doing good work and thinking of someone else’s perspective, you may be able to prevent yourself from making the blooper reel.


Posted on June 10, 2010 .