We’re All Experts at Something.

I want to create.

That’s it. That’s why I have this blog. I may have a few additional motives; but what interests me about having my own corner of the Internet is that it is my chance to create. What I often struggle with is just what to create.

It’s not that I have a complete lack of ideas. In fact, there seems to be multitudes of ideas in my mind just begging to be released. What gets in the way is that I often hold back. Instead of writing a post, I think to myself “somebody knows much more about this” or “nobody’s interested in that.”


The more I share my thoughts and views with people, the more I realise that we are too hard on ourselves. Our interests drive us to learn about topics; and when what we learn clashes with our experiences, we develop our own points of view. This is not a groundbreaking revelation, but I don’t think we really understand that. I’m a science fiction geek who has studied about how to create better presentations. That leads me to insert Star Wars references in department meetings. It also might peak the interest of someone who didn’t realise that it was acceptable to stray from the bullet-pointed template. Not only am I interesting (or at least a bit strange), but by exposing what makes me interesting, I’m sparking a change in others.

You also have plenty to offer. You have your knowledge, your ideas, and your experiences. You are the expert of what interests you. You may not know as much as someone else on the web about traveling in Europe, but you probably know more than most of the people you eat lunch with. I feel like I struggle to put this blog together; but when I go home for Thanksgiving, I might as well call myself a web guru. To some extent, “expert” is a relative term.

Think about your expertise. What do you specialise in? What do you know more about than everyone you know? What complimentary topics do you have interests in? You may be surprised to see how much they can overlap. You may not be the best photographer in town, but you may be the best photographer who knows how to best capture a rugby match.

Only you can tell us what you really know. After all, you’re the expert.

Posted on October 2, 2011 .